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      The following products are manufactured by Oldcastle APG and are available at all Florida locations.

      The go-to source for high-quality structural and concrete masonry products designed to last, including block, brick and exterior cladding.

      Browse Echelon Products

      Belgard has defined itself among brick and concrete paver manufacturers by offering distinct pavers for stone hardscapes, retaining walls and more.

      Browse Belgard Products

      The renowned craftsmanship of Italian artisans with rugged durability, ease of maintenance and endless design aesthetics.

      About Porcelain Veneers

      Pre-blended mortars, stuccos, and grouts for discriminating design professionals and contractors.

      Browse Amerimix Products

      MoistureShield® offers the only composite boards in the industry that can be installed on the ground, in the ground or underwater without any structural performance issues.

      Browse MoistureShield Products

      Oldcastle APG LOCATIONS

      Coastal, a subsidiary of Oldcastle APG, a CRH company, has been in the concrete products business since 1965 and is recognized as the premier manufacturer and distributor in Florida for Masonry and Hardscape products. From design and specifications to exceptional customer service and delivery of your products, the Oldcastle APG team is committed to the success of your projects. Whether you are a homeowner looking for ideas on your next outdoor living project or an architect looking to specify a masonry product, there is an Oldcastle APG location near you.


      5603 Anderson Road
      Tampa, FL 33614
      (813) 886-7761
      M-F 7:00am - 4:00pm
      Masonry Yard, Showroom, Outdoor Display

      Product Info


      3302 N.E. 2nd Street
      Gainesville, FL 32609
      (352) 377-1699
      M-F 7:30-4:30
      Masonry Yard, Showroom, Outdoor Display

      Product Info


      325 North Street
      Longwood, FL 32759
      (407) 831-1050
      M-F 7:30-4:00
      Masonry Yard, Showroom, Outdoor Display

      Product Info

      FT. MYERS

      2902 Warehouse Road
      Ft. Myers, FL 33916
      (239) 334-8022
      M-F: 7:30-4:00
      Masonry Yard, Showroom, Outdoor Display

      Product Info


      2200 12th Street
      Sarasota, FL 34237
      (941) 957-3933
      M-F 7:30-4:00
      Masonry Yard, Showroom, Outdoor Display

      Product Info


      1590 N Andrews Ave
      Pompano Beach, FL 33069
      (954) 972-7400
      M-F: 7:30-4:00
      Masonry Yard, Showroom, Outdoor Display, Belgard Distributor

      Product Info


      6187 Shirley Street
      Naples, FL 34109
      (239) 334-8022
      24-7 Access, Keyless Code Entry, Showroom

      Product Info


      2874 NW 79th Avenue
      Doral, FL 33144
      (305) 216-0947
      24-7 Access, Keyless Code Entry, Showroom

      Product Info


      28 Gene Hurley Rd
      DeFuniak Springs, FL 32435
      (850) 892-5155
      M-F: 7:00-4:30 CT
      Belgard - Manufacturer & Distributor, Masonry Yard

      Product Info


      150 E Olive Rd
      Pensacola, FL 32514
      (850) 202-0273
      M-F: 7:00-4:00 CT
      Masonry Yard

      Product Info


      4751 Hamilton Blvd
      Mobile, AL 36582
      (251) 443-2040
      M-F: 8:00-4:30 CT
      Masonry Yard, Manufacturer

      Product Info


      10043 South Park Drive
      Gulfport, MS 39503

      M-F: 6:30-4:30 CT
      Masonry Yard, Manufacturer

      Product Info


      5959 Soutel Drive
      Jacksonville, FL 32219
      (904) 713-9996
      M-F: 8:00-4:00
      Belgard - Manufacturer & Distributor, Outdoor Display

      Product Info


      39 W Landstreet Road
      Orlando, FL 32824
      (800) 226-9117
      M-F: 8:00-4:00
      Belgard - Manufacturer & Distributor, Outdoor Display

      Product Info

      TAMPA - 12th ST

      8910 N 12th St
      Tampa, FL 33604
      (813) 932-1007
      M-F: 7:00-4:00
      Belgard - Distributor, Outdoor Display

      Product Info


      7167 Interpace Rd
      West Palm Beach, FL 33407
      (800) 226-0004
      M-F: 7:00-4:00
      Belgard - Manufacturer & Distributor, Outdoor Display

      Product Info


      1980 Marley Dr
      Haines City, FL 33844
      (863) 421-7422
      M-F: 8:00-5:00
      Belgard - Manufacturer & Distributor, Outdoor Display

      Product Info


      421 Leonard Blvd N
      Lehigh Acres, FL 33971
      (239) 368-9700
      Belgard - Manufacturer & Distributor


      3749 Copeland Dr
      Zephyrhills, FL 33542
      (888) 682-7622
      Belgard - Manufacturer & Distributor


      11657 Philips Highway
      Jacksonville, FL 32256
      (877) 924-2766

      Photo GALLERY

      Check out some of the latest and greatest projects that used our products.

      Product CATALOGS

      Download information about products available from Oldcastle APG


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